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RioT Impro is an initiative based on the Royal Improvisers Orchestra. It’s not a simple record label, it’s an effort to gather together the improvisers scene in Amsterdam and the whole of Netherlands. The first release is the debut record of RIO, ‘Royal Improvisers Orchestra live at the Bimhuis’. The proceeds of this record will go to realizing the next release, and like this we hope to continue to document this special time for the Amsterdam new generation of improvisers. Future plans include a collective agenda of concerts in this genre and starting venues to help the audience to find improvised/contemporary music and the artists to further develop their craft.

The Royal Improvisers Orchestra itself will be touring Brazil 13.-21. of December 2011 and Europe in May 2012.

Here’s a little introduction to RIO followed by a few videos and a link to our website:

The Royal Improvisers Orchestra (RIO) is an international free improvisation orchestra based in Amsterdam. It is one of the foremost representatives of the new generation of improvisers in the Netherlands.

Over the past years RIO has collaborated with the London Improvisers Orchestra (LIO), Instant Composers Pool (ICP), Steve Beresford, Han Bennink, Phil Minton, Michael Moore, Wilbert de Joode, Ab Baars, Luc Ex and Frank Gratkowski, in such venues as BIMHUIS, Paard van Troje, LOOS and OT 301.

RIO’s musicians have different types of expertise and a diversity of cultures and come from various genres including baroque music, punk rock, jazz and electronics. But they all share one thing: a passion for improvisation.

All are equal.

The musicians work freely yet closely, communicating constantly with each other and with the audience.

RIO started with a technique based on Butch Morris “conduction”. Over time the orchestra developed its own language and now has a unique voice and way of making music.

As Yedo Gibson (founder of the orchestra) says:

“Conduction was the first stage in understanding each other’s musicality, now we are free to communicate with each other without any preconceived arrangement. Everything is possible when a RIO concert begins”.

The official website of RioT

The Royal Improvisers Orchestra



One response to “RioT Impro

  1. Yedo Gibson and myself are setting up a new initiative, the RioT-Impro music magazine. It will be a weekly video production featuring our beloved art form, free improvisation. This idea comes from the notion that what is happening with this field is greatly undocumented. To remedy this, we are starting a production house. The dogma is strict, one week from take to finished piece. We will be working hard to produce you a weekly dose of freedom, bewilderment, beauty and adventure. If you have a chance to support us, I thank you in advance!

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