Slightly Under Construction.

I’ll keep on  adding my work on this page, but here’s a few pieces I’d like to share to start:

Was – War’es?

This is a piece based on the famous JFK speech of 1963 in Berlin. It at the latest marked a beginning of a dynamic between the United States and the rest of the world that the Cold War all but managed to moderate. The harmonies are somewhat restricted due to the limited possibilities of overtones in the guitar feedback. For me it feels like a metaphore for the historical inevitability of empires rising and falling, without ever really having a moment of equillibrium.


Written for the movie ‘Vratcha'(2004), by Tonislav Hristov, I used four clarinets to create a breathy, coral-like sound. The movie is about a co-existence of pagan beliefs and Catholicism. And even the Slavic pragmatism, that binds them together. The scene where this piece was used was when the protagonist walks in to a church to light a candle for a sick relative. For me this serving two masters so to say, is very comforting and full of hope. And I feel that this comes through in the otherwise relatively dark scene.


Sewers of Haven

Here’s piece I wrote for a special occasion for a concert in the Tabula Rasa series in the Maarten Luther Kerk. I wanted to break the boundaries of improvisation an compostion having a group that could improvise freely and another ‘section’ that had pre-written material, but they could freely choose from the set-material what to use. All gestures or fragments had to be completed, though. My wish was that this would create an angular interaction, something that you wouldn’t necessarily have with musicians improvising freely with an emphatic ear.


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