Agenda & News & contact

You can best reach me by email: mikael.szafirowski(æt)
Up-Coming Gigs:

9th January/Rooie Waas/Pletterij, Haarlem
5th February/Pumporgan/De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
13th February/Naked Wolf/Zaal100, Amsterdam
5th March/Rooie Waas/DoorDordrecht, Dordrecht 
9th March/Rooie Waas/Bar Lucy, Antwerp
10th March/Rooie Waas/Cirque Electrique, Paris
11th March/Rooie Waas/Intro In Situ, Maastricht
12th March/Rooie Waas/Toonzaal, Den Bos
13th March/Rooie Waas/De Ruimte, Amsterdam
23rd March/Naked Wolf/Banlieus Bleus,Instants Chavires, Paris
2nd April/Rooie Waas/Extrapool, Nijmegen
14th May/Naked Wolf/Incubate Festival, Tilburg
7th May/PumpOrgan/Pinkbop, De Ruimte, Amsterdam
7th June/Rooie Waas/International Poetry Festival, Rotterdam
15th June/PumpOrgan/Bimhuis, Amsterdam
25th June/Yedo Gibson Trio+Ab Baars/Plus Etage, Baarlen-Nassau
21st September/Naked Wolf/Sesc Pinheiros, Sao Paolo
20th October/Naked Wolf/Intro in Situ, Maastricht
10th November/Inevitable Sounds/Wien Moderne, Austria
11th November/Inevitable Sounds/Bologna TBA
17th November/Inevitable Sounds/Bimhuis, Amsterdam
15th December/Inevitable Sounds/Rumor Festival, Utrecht

Past gigs:

7th January/RIO/Zaal100, Amsterdam
1st February/Yedo Gibson Trio feat. Ab Baars/Zaal100, Amsterdam
6th-12th February/ZGB/Residence@Pantographe, Moutier, SUI
14th February/ZGB/KISS,Freiburg, DE
15th February/ZGB/Kern-bar,Zurich, SUI
16th February/ZGB/Flatterschaft, Basel, SUI
25th February/Rooie Waas/Club100, Amsterdam
28th February/Rooie Waas/Paradox, Tillburg
4th March/Rio/Zaal100, Amstedam
21st March/Rank Assistant/Big Bang-day, Amsterdam
1st April/Rooie Waas/Maagdenhuis, Amsterdam 
15th April/Rio/Zaal100, Amsterdam 
19th April/Zo'n Raar/SOTU-festival, Amsterdam 
7th May/Rooie Waas/De Ruimte, Amsterdam 
5th June/PumpOrgan/De Kring, Amsterdam 
7th June/Yedo Gibson Trio/Doek-festival/Bimhuis, Amsterdam 
11th June/RIO/Zaal100, Amsterdam 
13th June/Naked Wolf/Tivoli, Utrecht 
17th June/New Dog/De Ruimte, Amsterdam 
21st June/Naked Wolf/Houtfestival, Haarlem 
26th June/Naked Wolf/Jazzdag, Rotterdam 
29th August/Rooie Waas/Rariteitenkabinet, Deventer 
4th October/Naked Wolf/Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam 
8th October/Naked Wolf/Bimhuis, Amsterdam 
9th October/Naked Wolf/Tac, Eindhoven 
10-11th October/ZGB/Multiversal EXP-OFF, Cagliari 
14th October/ZGB/Klubi, Zurich 
15th October/Szafirowski-Balžalorsky/Das Werk, Vienna 
17th October/ZGB/MoE, Vienna 
29th October/Rooie Waas, Record release/Melkweg, Amsterdam 
30th October/Rooie Waas/Worm, Rotterdam 
31st October/Rooie Waas/Viadukt, Groningen 
11th November/Naked Wolf/Greenhouse, Berlin 
12th November/Naked Wolf/Krakow Jazz Autumn, Poland 
13th November/Naked Wolf/Alternativa Festival, Prague
4th January/Pumporgan, Splendor-evening/MuziekGebouw, Amsterdam
14th January/w/Germaine Sijstermans/In Sitiu, Maastricht
18th January/Pumporgan/Qbus, Leiden
2nd February/Rooie Waas/WOrm, Rotterdam
5th February/RIO/Zaal100, Amsterdam
8th February/Rooie Waas/ Occii, Amsterdam
13th February/Amsterdam Realbook/OT301, Amsterdam
21st February/Rooie Waas/So What, Gouda
26th february/w/Trilla, Gibson, Ex/MLK/Amsterdam
1st March/w/Trilla-Gibson-Ex/Villa K, Den Haag
5th March/Rio&Naked Wolf/Zaal100, Amsterdam
22nd March/Fariello-Szafirowski-Tørmænen/Gallerie Mario Mazolli, Berlin
25th March/Solo/Corpo 6, Berlin
5th April/Rooie Waas/Esc-records, Enshede
10th April/Rooie Waas/Faq-festival
17th May/Rooie Waas/Cultuur, Barbaar!/Leiden
24th May/Naked Wolf/Cerkno-jazz festival, Slovenia
28th May/Naked WOlf/Artacts, St.Johann, Austria
31st May/Rooie Waas/Counter-culture Festival, Utrecht 
4th June/Rio/Zaal100, Amsterdam
6th June/Rooie Waas/Splendor, Amsterdam
7th June/Rooie Waas Expo/Voetboogstraat 20, Amsterdam
8th June/Rooie Waas/Spuistraatfeest, Amsterdam
14th June/Moviestars/Nieuwe Anita 9 jaar jubileum, Amsterdam
26 June/Zwaar Bericht/Splendor, Amsterdam
13 July/Naked WOlf/North Sea Jazz/Rotterdam
15th August/Rooie Waas/Lowlands festival, Biddinghuizen
29th August/Naked Wolf/Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam
9th October/Naked Wolf/Stdio Loos, Den Haag
10th October/PumpOrgan/Axes Jazzpower, Eindhoven
7th November/Naked Wolf/Music Unlimited, Wels - Austria
8th November/Naked Wolf/Wuerzburg, Germany
9th November/Naked Wolf/Djäzz, Duisburg, Germany
20th November/Rooie Waas/Le guess Who/Utrecht
12th December/Solo/MLK, Amsterdam
13th December/w/Gerri Jaeger, Christiano Ferlaino/Mezrab, Amsterdam

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