Duo with Dario Fariello

For a while now we’ve been working with Dario Fariello. He’s currently based in Berlin, so I get to play with him often enough. Notable in this Bolognite sound artist is his sense of space and relentless economy with material. During the time we worked together, there came a sense of cohesion that I really hope to pursue in the future.

Here’s a take from our studio sessions:


No Habla Catalan

Here’s our electro-acoustic trio with Yedo Gibson and Ofir Klemperer. The music that came out of this long-term collaboration has, to me, a lot of radio-play-like qualities. It wasn’t conciously ment as programatic, but that’s what this combination, and our shared lives together often yielded. We have two records out for download, the first one, called ‘Edict’, you can download here. Another one we did with the label/production crew Noise Problems. The link.

Here’s a few samples:


Art work by Amnon Yuhas




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